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 ===== The Short Bit! ===== ===== The Short Bit! =====
-Click [[qlwiki:sinclair_ql_home_computer|here]] to enter the QL Wiki...+Click [[qlwiki:sinclair_ql_home_computer|here]] to enter the QL Wiki....
-===== The Long Bit! =====+===== The New QLWiki =====
-The //**Sinclair QL Wiki**//, as created and mostly maintained by //Rich// of [[|RWAP Software]] fame, is living here as a //temporary// basis until it can find a new home under //community// control. It's current home is also a test bed for a bit of new softwarewhich you will find mentioned below.+The (old) //**Sinclair QL Wiki**//, as created and //mostly// maintained by //Rich// of [[|RWAP Software]] fame, is now living here in its new home under //community// control. That meanswe can all update it, but we must be registered users as only registered users can update the pages.
-It's not that Rich has done anything wrong and we've all fallen out, more that Rich has decided that much of his hobby stuff needs to be offloaded and taken under community control.+The top level page in the old Wiki was the one entitled //Sinclair QL Home Computer//. Click the link below to go there, in the new QL Wiki.
-The [[|original QL Wiki]] was based on a Wiki system named [[|Wiclear]] by David Jobet, but this has not been updated since 2007.+Click [[qlwiki:sinclair_ql_home_computer|here]] to enter the QL Wiki...
-The QL Wiki that you are about to enter is based on a new system named [[|DokuWiki]] which //is// kept up to date and is more secure. Conversion from wiclear source to DokuWiki source was done by Norman Dunbar (of [[|QDOS Internals]] fame, using self written software which you can find on [[|GitHub]]. It can be used to convert the Wiclear source to (almost) any format you like.+===== Missing Pages ===== 
 +There were, and still are, lots of pages in the old Wikiwhich had links to them, from other pagesThose are the missing pagesIf you can help create some (or all?) of the missing pages, please take a look at the [[qlwiki:ToDo]] page, and follow the instructions there - thanks.
 +===== Registration and Contributing =====
 +In order to contribute, or edit, pages, you must be a registered user. Click the "Register" button above and fill in your details. Sadly, due to spammers, new registered users are read only - until they are vetted - then they will be given a free upgrade to editorial status. 
 +Once again, a few idiots have spoiled things for the rest of us. :-(
-Click [[qlwiki:sinclair_ql_home_computer|here]] to enter the QL Wiki... 
 +===== Editing Manual =====
 +I've created a manual for beginners, and people like me, who forget stuff! It's available from my own web site (there's no downloads page on the Wiki, yet) at Hope you find it useful.
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