Packaging for Sinclair QL West Adventure
West is a real-time text only adventure, which was written with a game generator designed by Alan Black.

Originally published by Talent Computer Systems in 1984, this game proved very popular, with a desert maze which changed each time that you re-started the game.

The game is based in the Wild West, where you play the part of a sheriff with only a trusty six-shooter and a steed as friends. You are on the track of a notorious gang of bank robbers who have gone to ground near an abandoned mining town deep in Indian territory. They have hidden the stolen loot. Your task - to outwit and outgun the robbers, collect as much loot as possible and piece together clues on how to escape. Can you survive this harsh environment and escape from this gold-rush town?

You have to cope with Red Indians, bank robbers and rattlesnakes. Events happen in real-time outside your control - Indians charge, rattle-snakes slither past and robbers appear and shoot you.

Originally published for the Atari ST and Sinclair QL computers, thanks to the QL2K emulator, RWAP Adventures have now released a version for Windows. It was also advertised as being available for the Commodore C64, BBC and Electron computers.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tr_WRPLP1rI|Watch this video on You Tube

Screenshot of Sinclair QL West Text Adventure
Title: West
Language: Machine Code - using game generator designed by Alan Black
Author: Alan Black and Jon R Malone
Publisher: Talent Computer Systems and RWAP Adventures
Year of Publication: 1984
Platforms Suitable for: All Sinclair QLs and emulators
Commercial Status: Commercial
Price as at December 1984: £19.95
Reviews: QL User (December 1984/January 1985), QL User (December 1985)
Sources Available from: n/a
Manual available from: Download QL West Manual
Latest Version available from: RWAP Adventures website

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