Urs Koenig

Urs K├Ânig (born 1968) is Swiss and lives in Lucerne, Switzerland.

During his professional education in the automotive service sector Urs started COWO Electronic in 1984. He ran the business in parallel to his education, military services - where he served as an officer in telecommunication - and daytime jobs. After joining AGRO-DATA AG as software developer in January 1992, COWO Electronic's activities were fading out and came to an end in 1995. Urs kept the COWO logo and brand name for future usage.

Urs wrote several software packages for the QL. The most important ones were: ANIMATIONSGRAFIK (BOUNCING BALLS] in 1986/1987, TURBOANIMATION in 1987/1988, QTop (fka THORDESK) in 1988-1995, QTop v2 (beta only) in 1991, QTop v3 (written in C, beta preview only) in 1995 and QTop/E in 2000-2002.

In January 1998 Urs declared QTop and other COWO Electronic software packages as freeware. The software was then submitted as is to Gerhard Plavec for inclusion on the QL-PD/CD-R, the first of many QL related CDROMs.

Nowadays Urs maintains QLing as a hobby with different activities such the Sinclair QL Preservation Project (SQPP), the SinclairQL.net website (information, documents, software). Urs also runs the QLvsJAGUAR YouTube video channel.

In April 2010 Urs founded a new legal company called COWO Enterprises GmbH. His new company focuses on consulting and software engineering on the Microsoft platform.

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