Trump Card

The QL Trump Card from Miracle Systems soon became the standard expansion interface for the Sinclair QL, incorporating Toolkit II, a floppy disk interface and breaking through the 512K memory barrier on the QL, providing an additional 768K memory.

This meant that for the first time, the Sinclair QL could have 896K memory, plus Toolkit II on ROM and access to disk drives, all on one small card which plugged into the expansion bus. The additional memory also increased the speed of the QL.

Other people released updated ROMs for the Trump Card, which provided Level-2 Drivers (allowing you to control sub-directories) and built in device drivers to access PC disks. The Trump Card was also released as Trump Card 2, which worked more quickly.

The Miracle Disk Expander could be used with the Trump Card to provide it with the ability to control up to 4 floppy disk drives.

The Trump Card remained the mainstay of the average Sinclair QL user, until Miracle Systems released the later Gold Card and Super Gold Card interfaces.

Trump Card

Trump Card 2
Title: Trump Card
Interface Type: Floppy Disk Interface and Memory Expansion
Connection: Sinclair QL Expansion Bus
Through-Connector: No
Manufacturer: Miracle Systems
Year First Sold: 1987
Original Price: £199
Reviews: Unknown
Download Manual: Trump Card Manual - PDF
Accompanying Software: None

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