Transformer was advertised in the April 1989 edition of Sinclair QL World, by Schön Personal Computer Products as an alternative full blown IBM PC/MS-DOS emulator for the QL.

It was to be on display at the Alternative Micro Show that year, and was marketed as a previously unadvertised product, with professionally written ROMable code which supports both CGA and MDA.

The wording of the advert was part of the emulator wars at the time, and was designed to mark it aside from both the IBM PC Emulator from Ant Computing which was advertised by Schön in the March 1989 edition of Sinclair QL World and The Solution from Digital Precision.

By June 1989, the description of the product had changed and it was marketed as "to be the fastest PC/MS-DOS emulator for the QL" and this time being supplied as a piece of hardware providing both the software and CGA emulation.

Unfortunately, we cannot find any reference to this post July 1989 and it may therefore never have been released.

REMark by Ralf Reköndt:

After all those years, I remember, that "Transformer" was a commissioned work from Martin Berndt (Ultrasoft) to Ant Computing. In these days, Martin was very much involved with Christopher Smith from "Schön".

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