Tony Tebby

Tony Tebby is the designer of the QDOS operating system used in the QL.

Formerly an employee at the Philips Research Laboratories in Redhill, Surrey where he worked on realtime image processing, using electronic hardware rather than software, Tony Tebby began working for Sinclair Research Ltd and wrote the operating system for the QL which was being developed at the time.

Tony left Sinclair supposedly in protest at the premature launch of the QL, to form his own company, QJUMP, a software house specializing in system software and utilities for the QL, and continued to extend the capabilities of QDOS through the creation of tools such as SuperToolkit, QPAC2 and most recently the completely re-written operating system SMSQE.

His operating system was also ported to other machines through Tony's work - including SMS2 (developed for the Atari ST) and Stella, an embedded operating system for 68000-series and ColdFire processors.

Ironically, QJump's first program, QL Toolkit was launched by Sinclair.

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