Text87 Plus4 Patch

Text87 Plus4 Patch applies a patch to Text87 Plus4 to support the 16 bit display mode of QPC/QXL (mode32) and the Q40/Q60 (mode33), as well as Aurora's 8 bit mode (mode 16).

The patch was developed and is sold with the permission of Text87 author Fred Toussi.

Title: Text87 Plus4 Patch
Language: Unknown
Author: Marcel Kilgus
Publisher: Jochen Merz Software
Year of Publication: 2004
Reviews: Unknown
Price as at January 2004: £9
Platforms Suitable for: All Sinclair QLs and emulators with a minimum of 384K, disk drive and monitor
Commercial Status: Commercial
Sources Available from: n/a
Manual available from: Unknown
Latest Version available from: Quo Vadis Design

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