Text87 is a word processor for the Sinclair QL, which was a first for the QL, in that instead of being based around the QL's fonts and graphics, had custom drivers which were based on the fonts and printing capabilities of certain supported printers.

This provided a new level of wysiwyg software for the Sinclair QL, in that the software attempted to represent as far as possible the same output on the QL screen as you would see on the final printed copy.

A range of additional programs were also published to help you use Text87 with a wider range of printers, and to help you modify the fonts used on-screen to more closely represent those used by your printer.

The additional programs are:

  • 2488 - extra drivers for use with Text87 Plus4 - aimed at 24 pin printers and bubble jet printers
  • Fountext88 - graphics drivers for use with Text87 Plus4
  • Fountext94 - graphics drivers for use with Text87 Plus4
  • Founted89 - font editor for the specialist Fountext88 fonts
  • Publishers Pack - helped to turn Text87 Plus4 into a desktop publishing package
  • Typeset93 ESCP2 - dedicated driver for Epson ESC/P2 printers
  • Typeset90GQ5000 - dedicated driver for the Epson GQ5000 and GQ3500 printers

Text87 was later substantially re-written and relaunched as Text87 Plus4.

Title: Text87
Language: C with some 68000 Assembly Language
Author: Fred Toussi
Publisher: Software87
Year of Publication: 1987
Reviews: QL World April 1989
Price as at October 1987: Unknown
Platforms Suitable for: All Sinclair QLs and emulators
Commercial Status: Commercial
Sources Available from: Unknown
Manual available from: Unknown
Latest Version available from: Unknown

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