Tandata Modem

The Tandata QL modem consisted of a three-stack set of devices, originally designed and marketed in 1985 by OE Limited of Cumbria as 'QCOM' (OE Limited had previously developed and sold the Prism VTX 5000 modem for the Sinclair ZX Spectrum) - when that company folded, despite suggestions that Sinclair Research Ltd would rescue the modem (as it was to be the Sinclair approved QL Modem), the rights to the modem were eventually purchased by Tandata Marketing Limited and relaunched as the Tandata Modem stack.

The modem was made up of three modules which stacked on top of each other - the Q-Connect module for connecting to the QL (required) and the optional Q-Mod (modem) and Q-Call (automated dialling unit). The QL power unit plugged into the back of the Q-Connect module, which then had a flying lead to power the QL.

Q-Connect connects to the QL SER2 port allowing the computer to be used with virtually any asynchronous modem from 75 up to 9,600 baud, with full two-way buffering and flow control. Q-Connect was supplied with software on microdrive cartridge to support this and the other two modules. The software also supports both Prestel/videodata/videotext and VT100 emulation, as well as user-to-use communications.

Q-Connect not only provides the interface for the remainder of the Tandata modem stack, but also provides an industry standard 25 way D-pin RS232 port.

This was originally called Q-Con when marked by OE Limited.

Original price of Q-Con as at December 1984: £79.95

Q-Mod was a manual dial V23 modem operating at 1200/75 baud and 1200/1200 baud half duplex.

Original price of Q-Mod as at December 1984: £79.95

Q-Call provided traditional pulse/loop disconnect auto-dial and auto-answer. The auto-answer facility permitted incoming calls to be accepted automatically and to trigger pre-programmed activity from the QL.

Original price of Q-Call as at December 1984: £49.95

The software to drive the interface and operate the phonebook, was QConnect and was provided on microdrive cartridge.

Although the three modules were available separately, Tandata suggested that by using all three as a complete matched system full advantage could be taken of the integrated features of the Q-Connect's software.

The Tandata units were popular with QLers in the 1980s for use with the Prestel service and for Bulletin Board System connection. There was even a special database area set aside for QLs on the Prestel Microcomputing Service (QNET)

Tandata Modem Stack Title: Tandata Modem
Interface Type: Modem and Fast Serial Transfer
Connection: QL Serial Ports
Through-Connector: No
Manufacturer: OE Limited and Tandata Marketing Limited
Year First Sold: 1984
Original Price: £209.85 (complete)
Reviews: QL User (August 1985), QL World (September 1985)
Download Manual: Unknown
Accompanying Software: QConnect.

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