superHermes from TF Services includes all the features of the Hermes IPC replacement chip and adds IBM AT keyboard interface, high speed 2-way RS232 at up to 460,800 baud, serial mouse port and 2 other RS232 inputs (i.e. 3 low speed RS232 serial inputs) plus 3 spare I/O lines. It will also handle a PS/2 keyboard with a standard PS/2 - AT adaptor.

It has a keylock connector (which locks QL/IBM keyboard and superHermes mouse), a Turbo connector (256 speed factors) and 1.5K of non-volatile memory EEPROM. It also has a connector for capslock/scroll-lock LED and a keyclick function which can be toggled on or off. superHermes is a plug in circuit board not much more than twice the size of the 8049 coprocessor it replaces on the QL or Aurora motherboard.

superHERMES uses a high speed RISC co-processor, a PIC 17C44. The maximum throughput is achieved when used with a Super Gold Card - with the high speed serial port set to a baud rate of 115,200, this gives a little under 80kbps.

Advertised features include:

  • Fixes serial input and serial overrun problems on the Sinclair QL serial ports.
  • Fixes keybounce (including for the Schön and Keyboards Products.
  • Provides independent baud input rates for ser1 and ser2.
  • Fully reliable serial input up to 19,200bps - allowing you to use any modem without the QConnect module from the Tandata Modem stack (this assumes that the input/output buffers (ICs 25/ 26) are fully functional, and that handshaking is enabled at both ends and connected).
  • Additional serial ports - 3 low speed serial ports (allowing use of a serial mouse) and a high speed 2-way industry standard serial port at up to 57600bps. Maximum throughput with Super Gold Card/qtpi zmodem into ram is 4800cps
  • Two key rollover, even with SHIFT.
  • Improved sound - 'fuzzy' and 'random' parameters on BEEP no longer change the underlying pitch. Duration of sounds are no longer dependent on the pitch.
  • Keyclick can be toggled on or off.
  • IBM AT keyboard interface with all major country layouts
  • Keylock connector (locks QL/IBM keyboards and sH mouse)
  • Turbo connector (256 speed factors)
  • 1.5K non-volatile memory (EEPROM)
  • Connector for capslock/scrollock LED
  • 3 spare input/output lines with +5v/GND

Title: SuperHermes
Interface Type: AT Keyboard Interface, Hi-speed serial interface and 8049 Co-Processor Replacement
Connection: 8049 Socket
Through-Connector: No
Manufacturer: TF Services
Year First Sold: Unknown
Original Price: Unknown
Reviews: Unknown
Download Manual: Unknown
Accompanying Software: SuperHermes Support Software

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