Super Gold Card

Picture of Super Gold Card expansion by Miracle Systems

The successor to the Gold Card from Miracle Systems. It has a 68020 processor, making it about 3 times as fast as a Gold Card and 4MB of RAM. It also has a Centronics parallel printer port and two twin disc drive connectors, allowing it to access up to 4 disc drives. It also has a socket for an external 5V power supply, to make it easier to build a QL system into a PC-style case. Miracle claimed it had a "virtually crash-proof" clock, and they even supplied a printer cable with the Super Gold Card. The Super Gold Card was originally sold for £375.

When Miracle Systems stopped selling the Super Gold Card, a small second batch was made by Quanta, which soon sold out.

The Super Gold Card is a popular QL expansion for those who prefer to use an original Sinclair QL. Although rare now (once people get hold of one they rarely sell them!), units do occasionally become available through traders like RWAP Services.

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