Steve Sutton

Steve Sutton (from Woking, Surrey) wrote several programs for the Sinclair QL over the years, which were sold through Digital Precision Ltd and Shadow Games.

Freddy Vaccha recalls that Steve "used to work for the agency that tested air pollution from nuclear and perhaps other power plants… basically, he was paid to fly model aeroplanes, lol. Now, that is being smart."

Freddy says that Steve "is one of the finest programmers I ever encountered. He was the first person I know who hacked Lenslok Supercharge perfectly - and that is how I got to know him."

There is some controversy surrounding the history of Lightning which was written by Steve Sutton, but his implementation of ACT the Adventure Creation Tool fills the gap left when Gilsoft failed to convert its PAW (Professional Adventure Writer) to the QL.

Commercial Software written by Steve Sutton includes:
ACT the Adventure Creation Tool

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