SPEM Digitiser

A video digitiser interface which plugged into the EPROM slot on the QL. Produced by Italian company SPEM, this could work on an unexpanded QL, although some memory expansion was preferred. The unit had three slider controls which controlled the level of Red, Green and Blue in the picture.

The SPEM digitiser allowed most video cameras and recorders (with composite video-out) to be plugged into a QL to sample pictures. The software supplied with it allowed a limited manipulation of the pictures captured and could also be used as a handy picture slide show for all images with _scr suffix. The unit was cased in black, with a sloping front panel and a neat brushed-metal effect panel.

SPEM's QL Video Digitiser Title: SPEM Digitiser
Interface Type: Video Digitiser
Connection: ROM Port
Through-Connector: No
Manufacturer: SPEM
Year First Sold: Unknown
Original Price: Unknown
Reviews: Unknown
Download Manual: Unknown
Accompanying Software: Look&Show

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