SlowGold is a utility written to slow down the newly introduced Miracle Systems Gold Card which proved to be far too fast for some games to be played.

SlowGold linked into the polled interrupt list, and simply sat there, running a delay loop - and burning CPU cycles, it has to be admitted - before returning control back to the game. It has various settings that could be used to slow down the Gold Card by varying degrees, depending on the program affected by the excessive speed of the hardware.

Title: SlowGold
Author: Norman Dunbar
Publisher: Dilwyn Jones Computing
Year of Publication: 1991
Platforms Suitable for: Gold Cards.
Commercial Status: Previously commercial now freely available.
Price as at 1991: £unknown
Reviews: Unknown
Sources Available from: the link below, it's included with the binaries etc.
Latest Version available from: Sinclair QL Homepage

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