Sinclair Vision QL

A black-cased 12 inch Sinclair badged colour monitor for the QL. Can show the full 85 character QL display. This CRT monitor has 12" Diagonal 90 deg Def. Self Convergence 0.38 pitch display.

The monitor has a TTL RGB input and was supplied with a QL-style 8 pin DIN connector.

  • Scanning frequency: Horizontal 15.625 kHz, Vertical 50Hz.
  • Dimensions (SET): 320(W)x303(H)x393(D) mm.
  • Weight (SET): 12 kg (26.5 lbs).

Made by KAGA Electronics Co Ltd. in Japan. Almost identical to their TAXAN 12" CRT monitor.

Was distributed by MBS Data Efficiency and Watford Electronics in the UK.

Price as at July 1985: £249 (RRP £299)

Vision-QL Monitor

https://youtu.be/eYoTSGvWf78|Watch this video on You Tube

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