Sinclair Floppy Disk

The Sinclair Floppy Disk system was a Sinclair badged disk interface card for the QL and 720K DSDD 3.5" disk drive(s) made my Micro Peripherals Ltd.

Its device driver (FDK) was largely incompatible with the more common FLP device driver at the time, in that it used its own extensions, not those designed by QJump which were used in most disc interfaces at the time. It included non-standard commands such as DGET and DPUT, SAVEO and SBYTESO which allowed you to overwrite existing files and the driver also used a different drive name (FDK) compared to the drive name FLP used by most at the time. However, Micro Peripherals claimed to have improved timings in the Sinclair version (v5.3) providing faster disk access.

Floppy Disks (media) were compatible between all device drivers.

QJump released their standard device driver FLP as an upgrade ROM called QFLP for the Micro Peripherals/Sinclair Floppy Disk system.

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