Simplex RAM Expansion

The Simplex RAM Expansion was one of the earliest QL RAM extension cards, first advertised in the October/November 1984 issue of QL User.

This memory interface plugged into the QL expansion slot and had either 256K or 512K RAM on board and no through connector.

It was produced by Simplex Data Logic Limited.

The interface measured approximately 97mm x 77mm and fitted completely inside the QL, which made it difficult to remove unless you open up the QL !

Prices were :

  • 256K RAM: £198
  • 512K RAM: £396

Their adverts in 1985 showed a different memory expansion which fitted outside of the QL and had a heatsink built in. It still lacked a through connector however, and prices were reduced to £99+VAT for the 256K version and £149.90+VAT for the 512K version.

Simplex 256K RAM Expansion Card Simplex 512K RAM Expansion Card
Title: Simplex RAM Expansion
Interface Type: Memory Expansion Card
Connection: Sinclair QL Expansion Port
Through-Connector: NO
Manufacturer: Simplex Data Logic Limited
Year First Sold: 1984
Original Price: From £198 (see above)
Reviews: QL User April 1985
Download Manual: Unknown

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