Simon Goodwin

Simon Goodwin (from Warwickshire) is one of the most well known personalities in the Sinclair QL world. He wrote a large number of articles for Sinclair QL World, including in-depth articles on the QL's operating system (QDOS) and the THOR computer.

Simon also wrote a large number of programs for the QL and other computers, including the fastest SuperBASIC compilers ever produced for the QL and also a large number of specialised toolkits exploiting the best features of the Sinclair QL, from networks to screen displays. Amongst the free programs written by Simon, you can find implementations of a Sampled Sound System (QLSSS), floating point acceleration code for machines with a built in 68881 maths co-processor and even digital camera software.

Visit Simon's Homepage

Commercial Software written by Simon includes:

Two SuperBASIC Compilers - Supercharge and Turbo
Lightning Compiler - unreleased
DIY Toolkit

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