Seiko RC-1000

In 1987, Dutch company DataSkip advertised a databank watch made by Seiko, which could connect to the QL via a SER1 link cable.

The watch was black with a black metal strap and supported a two line LCD display with a maximum of 12 characters per line.

The watch could be used to display four types of information - memo, yearly schedule, weekly schedule and world times, input from a personal computer.

The memo could be used to store telephone numbers, client lists, important events or dates etc. While the watch had only 2K of memory (a maximum of about 80 telephone numbers), it still gave you the ability to carry important information about with you.

The watch itself only allowed you to view the data, you could only set the time, the date and a daily alarm on the watch.

Data-Skip provided QL transmission software, the connection cable and the watch for £49.95. A Spectrum version was available too. And in case you thought, yes, it could tell the time too.

We have preserved a copy of the software

Seiko RC-1000 Watch Title: Seiko RC-1000 Databank Watch
Interface Type: External data storage and viewing
Connection: QL Serial Ports
Through-Connector: No
Manufacturer: DataSkip
Year First Sold: 1987
Original Price: £49.95
Download Manual: Unknown
Accompanying Software: Preserved

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