Sector Software

Sector Software was founded in 1985 by David Batty to provide software for the Sinclair QL computer, and based in the North West has continued to provide software and training ever since.

Their software includes:

  • Touch Typist - a typing tutor program
  • Taskmaster - a program to help control and switch between multitasking programs
  • Spellbound - a spell checker
  • Flashback - a fast database handling program
  • Ferret - a fast search routine for finding files which contain specific strings
  • Page Designer 2 - a desk top publishing program
  • Writeturn - a program to print output sideways
  • QZ - software for linking the Sinclair QL to the Cambridge Z88 computer.

Sector Software continue to trade today and whilst Touch Typist has continued to be developed by them (for Windows based PCs), they now concentrate mainly on training.

Go to Sector Software's website: http://sectorsoftware.co.uk/

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