SD Microsystems

SD Microsystems were a small company run by Steve Denson, who published a handful of titles for the Sinclair QL Home Computer, including:

The company later moved into the Amstrad market producing versions of their Small Trader software for the CPC, PCW and PC machines as well as a host of other practical programs for home and business.

In 1999, they took over LocoScript Software, successors to the Locomotive Group who wrote the operating system and BASIC for the CPC range and Mallard BASIC and the LocoScript word processing package bundled with the PCW. LocoScript was the biggest-selling WP in the UK at one time with many users upgrading to the MSDOS version in the 1990s.

This venerable software package is still supported today with its own website at www.locoscript.co.uk.

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