Schön KBL128 QL Case

The KBL 128 was a new case for housing the QL. It consisted of an inner metal chassis, and a strong outer ABS casing.

I came complete with a 64-way 'flip back' connector to allow expansion devices to sit above the QL motherboard PCB. The casing could hold the QL PCB, drives, power supply unit and all expansion devices.

Schön claimed this was a "highly rewarding DIY challenge for the QL owner with the '4 foot long' problem" although they also said in their adverts that this was a "special product intended for the enthusiastic QL owner with electronic knowledge."

The project worked in conjunction with the Schön PS/2 style keyboard.

The KBL 128 originally sold for £65.00

Schön KBL128 QL System Case

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