Sandy QXT-640

The QXT-640 was Sandy's answer to the CST Thor 1 computer.

This was basically an original QL circuit board and a Sandy SuperQMouse built into a plastic PC-style case.

The QXT-640 had a built in 60W power supply, and a powered backplane was connected to the end of the QL, to provide 3 expansion slots. One slot was used for the Sandy SuperQMouse which provided the extra 512K RAM, plus the mouse controls, parallel port, Toolkit II and floppy disk interface.

The QL was then connected to a full travel IBM-XT style keyboard (normally using the QLKeyboard90 interface, plus one or two 3.5" floppy drives. Sandy also provided their own Keyboards interface with some versions of the QXT-640.

One of the QL microdrives was moved to the right hand side of the case, strapped underneath one of the floppy disk drives and connected to the QL motherboard using home-made extension leads.

The QXT-640 was available as a complete 1 drive system for £654, or as a twin drive unit for £699. It was also available as a kit of parts and case to upgrade your existing QL from about £259.

Sandy QXT-640 System Sandy QXT-640 System Box Sandy QXT-640 System - Complete
Title: QXT-640
Interface Type: n/a - complete system
Connection: n/a
Through-Connector: NO
Manufacturer: Sandy
Designer: Unknown
Year First Sold: Unknown
Original Price: From £259
Download Manual: Sandy Disk Manual (QL Quill DOC)
Accompanying Software: None

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