RWAP Software

RWAP Software Logo RWAP Software is a division of RWAP Services and publish a wide range of software for the Sinclair QL (and other 1980s home computers), including games and adventures, as well as providing replacement keyboard membranes and second hand items.

RWAP Software have been in existence since 1986, when they were found writing regular reviews for the Sinclair QL magazines of the day (Sinclair QL World, QL User, QL Adventurers' Forum).

As well as publishing their own titles, RWAP Software have brought several titles back to the market, with improvements having generally been made in conjunction with the copyright holders.

The software published by RWAP Software includes:

RWAP Software have also published the SBASICSuperBASIC Reference Manual which contains over 1000 pages of information on programming SuperBASIC as well as several adventures (or updated old favourites) under the RWAP Adventures brand.

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