Romdisq is a small plug in circuit board for the QL or Aurora's ROM port, with 2, 4 or 8MB of flash memory, produced by TF Services.

It can be thought of as a small portable hard disk without moving parts, which reads at some 2MB a second.

The device offers enough capacity to allow an expanded QL to boot up SMSQ/E and all drivers and boot programs from flash memory instead of needing a hard disk. Costs from £39 for the 2MB version, to £98 for the 8MB version. Romdisq was designed by Tony Firshman and Stuart Honeyball of Miracle Systems, with device drivers written by Tony Tebby.

It uses the device name "ROM" so you can save a program to "ROM1_" for example, like you would save to "FLP1_" or "MDV1_"

The device needs expanded memory on the QL to work (min 256K).

TFS Romdisq Flash Memory Title: ROMDisq
Interface Type: Flash EPROM Storage Device
Connection: QL ROM Port
Through-Connector: No
Manufacturer: TF Services
Year First Sold: Unknown
Original Price: £39 (2MB Version) to £98 (8MB Version)
Download Manual: ROMDisq Manual
Accompanying Software: Latest ROMDisq Driver

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