Quick QL Machine Language

Quick QL Machine Language by Alan Giles
Quick QL Machine Language explains how the 68000 processor used by the Sinclair QL home computer works.

It includes details of the 68000 instruction set and addressing modes, and has a full listing of an assembler and a disassembler, written in SuperBASIC, with features of QDOS and SuperBASIC highlighted.

It does, however, assume that the reader already knows about machine code and understands things such as addressing modes, registers and data buses.

Title: Quick QL Machine Language
Author: Alan Giles
Publisher: Melbourne House
Year of Publication: 1984
Commercial Status: Commercial
Cost as at May 1985: £7.95
Reviews: QL User (March 1985), QLUB Issue 5
ISBN: 0-86161-181-0

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