QubIDE is an AT/IDE hard disk interface for QL systems, designed by Zeljko Nastasic and marketed by Qubbesoft. The original interface has a through connector for adding memory and floppy disk interfaces.

Version 1.53 ROM added the facility to read 'alien' disk cartridges such as on Syquest removable media.

The version 2 ROM (which needed GAL1 and GAL2 chip updates as well) added a Trashcan facility and the ability to connect Atapi IDE devices such as the Iomega ZIP drives.

Zeljko Nastasic released the project for QubIDE as freeware, which has allowed for further refinement and clones to be developed.

In 2013, José Leandro from Spain, re-designed the QubIDE PCB from the original schematics and also included a 512kB extension on it. Ready-made batches began to be shipped in January 2015. This is an extension card with no through connector. The software is based on the v1.56A firmware (and issue 1 GALs).

The project details together with some excellent Image Editor software for Windows (written by Habi) which allow you to transfer files from various QL formats on the internet onto a QubIDE formatted compact flash card appear at: http://hardware.speccy.org/temp/qubide-i.html

A version of this QubIDE is also made and sold by Zaxon

In 2017, Alain Haoui wrote a new driver for the QubIDE which requires the v2 GALs, but offers much improved start up and drive detection, as well as fixing various bugs and offering new facilities.

The new driver, ROM images, supporting software and more information appear at: http://www.dilwyn.me.uk/qlrom/index.html#Qubide

Alain has also managed to resurrect the long lost v2 GAL code but this is currently (Feb 2017) untested on anything other than the original QubIDE interface, so may not work with the later clones (especially those with built in memory).

QUBIDE IDE Interface Title: QubIDE
Interface Type: IDE Hard Disk Interface
Connection: Sinclair QL Expansion Port
Through-Connector: Yes (original version)
Manufacturer: Qubbesoft
Year First Sold: Unknown
Original Price: £Unknown
Reviews: Unknown
Download Manual: Download manual

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