QUANTA ('QL Tinkerer's And User's Association) is the independent user group for Sinclair QL users. It was formed in February 1984 (under the name IQLUG - Independent QL User's Group) with the aim of providing an independent source of support for, and sharing information about, the Sinclair QL. In time, it has expanded its brief to include compatible systems such as the ICL OPD (One Per Desk), CST Thor, Aurora and Q40/Q60, as well as emulators of the Sinclair QL running on other platforms.

QUANTA is a non-profit organisation run by an elected committee of honorary officials.

Membership is by subscription, which includes a bi-monthly magazine, access to QUANTA's large free QL software library, advice and help with QL-related matters and support for local sub-groups. QUANTA also run a workshop once a year which is open to anyone interested in the Sinclair QL.

QUANTA have been instrumental in bringing updated versions of several items to the market:

They have also helped fund various hardware projects over the years, including new batches of replacement keyboard membranes.

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