A desktop suite written in 1988 by Urs Koenig of Switzerland. Marketed and maintained between 1989 and 1995 by COWO Electronic with initial distributors TK Computerware in the UK and QLympic Computer Systems in Germany. Later on Software 87 and Dilwyn Jones Computing(DJC) acted as resellers.

Initially conceived as ThorDesk for the powerful CST Thor XVI launched in September 1987, the intention was to bundle it with every shipped Thor computer. In 1989 it became clear that the Thor story would end, so the decision was made to expand the design in a way (by adding Thor XVI emulators for each platform) that it would run on all other QDOS compatible computers from the original SINCLAIR QL with 128KB RAM and Microdrives to the ATARI ST with QL-Emulator. The QTop suite also runs on the COMMODORE AMIGA with QL emulation without any restrictions, which is more than what can be said of most other QL software. The more expanded a QL system is, the better QTop performs.

In January 1998 Urs Koenig declared QTop and other COWO Electronic software packages as freeware. The software was then submitted as is to Gerhard Plavec for inclusion on the QL-PD/CD-R which was the first in the series of QL related CDROMs. In January 2002 and updated edition named QTop/E was announced for the upcoming QL software distribution called QL/E. The latest version can be found on The Distribution, see DVDs.

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Sinclair QL professional computer running COWO’s QTop version 1.21
Title: QTop
Language: TURBO compiled SuperBASIC, parts in 68000 Assembler
Author: Urs Koenig
Publisher: COWO Electronic
Year of Publication: 1989
Reviews: Sinclair QL World September 1991, Sinclair QL World September 1992
Price as at publication: £35
Platforms Suitable for: All Sinclair QLs, successors and emulators
Commercial Status: Freeware

Sources Available from: DVDs
Latest Version available from: DVDs

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