QPTR (QL Pointer Toolkit) is a package by QJump that enables programmers to create programs that make use of the familiar (and generally accepted standard for the QL) Pointer Environment.

The blurb on the back of the original box reads: "The Pointer Toolkit is aimed at applications programmers who wish to produce programs of the new "user friendly" type. While many writers have produced very successful menu- and pointer-driven programs, there have so far been no agreed standards, resulting in users having to learn a new interface for each program, and each programmer having to re-invent the wheel to implement his own menu and/or pointer system. With the advent of the QJUMP Pointer Environment, all this is in the past. The programmer is relieved of the burden of writing the whole of the user interface, often 90% of the programming effort, and can concentrate on providing a good range of facilities. Users end up with a program which they know how to drive even before the open the box."

QPTR was launched in about 1997 (Version 0.29 has files all dated 20/6/1997).

Similar to: EasyPTR by Albin Hessler.

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