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 + ====== QMenu ======
 +QMenu is a set of standard system dialogs written by [[qlwiki:Jochen Merz]] for common tasks like file/directory/list selection or string entry boxes. It comes with a set of SuperBasic commands and can also be called from machine code. Wrappers for C exist, too.
 +QMenu also includes the "scrap extension", which essentially is a clipboard that applications can put text in and get text out.
 +It was updated for WMAN2 by [[qlwiki:Bernd Reinhardt]] and [[qlwiki:Marcel Kilgus]] and finally released as freeware in 2017 by Marcel Kilgus.
 +Title: **QMenu**\\ 
 +Language: 68000 Machine Code\\ 
 +Author: [[qlwiki:Jochen Merz]]\\ 
 +Publisher: [[qlwiki:Jochen Merz]]\\ 
 +Year of Publication: Unknown\\ 
 +Platforms Suitable for: All Sinclair QLs and Compatibles\\ 
 +Commercial Status: Freeware\\ 
 +Price as at May 1996: DM 39,90\\ 
 +Reviews: Unknown\\ 
 +Sources Available from: Unknown\\ 
 +Latest Version available from: [[https://www.kilgus.net/smsqe/qmenu/|Marcel Kilgus website]]\\ 
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