Packaging for Sinclair QL Q-Liberator
Q-Liberator is the work of Ian Stewart and Adrian Soundy at Liberation Software. It is a compiler which compiles to a form of intermediate p-code, meaning it can never be as fast as true compilers which compile to machine code, but in practice fast enough for 99% of applications.

It is able to compile the full syntax of SuperBASIC quite closely, with a good tolerance of badly written programs.

There are two versions in existence, the original 'Budget' version 1.0 and the current version 3 (last known version 3.36). It comes with an extensive manual. The Budget' version is no longer available, but has the advantage of working on unexpanded memory QL systems.

Q-Liberator from v3.22 onwards was usable with the Pointer Environment through a little extension inbuilt in the compiler. There is also a config block available, same as in S_Edit

Q-Liberator is also easily able to compile pointer driven programs and those making use of QPTR, something which has only been added to Turbo since it was made freeware.

Ian Stewart and Adrian Soundy were so kind to make the whole Software of Q-Liberator freeware in 2017.

Title: Q-Liberator SuperBASIC Compiler
Language: Self-Compiled from BASIC with inbuilt Machine Code
Author: Ian Stewart and Adrian Soundy
Publisher: Liberation Software
Year of Publication: 1986
Platforms Suitable for: All Sinclair QLs and emulators
Commercial Status: Freeware
Price in October 1986: £69.95
Reviews: QL World October 1986 http://sinclairql.speccy.org/archivo/docs/mags/QLWorld_1986-10.pdf
Sources Available from: n/a
Latest Version available from: Dilwyn Jones

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