QLART was a graphics package by Eidersoft which contained four different programs to help you with program design:

  • A screen editor (ARTIST)
  • A character designer (CALLIGRAPHER)
  • A File Manager (FILE MANAGER)
  • A window Designer (WINDOS)

The boot program for the only version we have seen (v1.1) also lists a program (LOGO GRAPHICS) which shows as not implemented when you select it.

The start of the FILE MANAGER program is also interesting:

100 REMark File manager – strung together by Ken Browning
110 REMark Copyright illegal as routines were poached from
120 REMark programs written by G.kirk and others and the Copyrights
130 REMark are retained by those concerned.

Advertised features included:

  • Function key control
  • Instant Windows
  • Cursor controlled drawing board
  • High Res. Printer Dumps
  • Headings
  • UDG Designer
  • Paintbox colour
  • Full file management
  • Turtle graphics
  • Spool drawing to basic listing on printer or microdrive
  • Load Time 26 Secs
  • Length 100k
  • Manual 13 Pages

The author (Graham Kirk) went on to write MAXIM based on his work on this package, which was (according to his brother) written in the home of Ken Browning, who happened to be Graham Kirk's Geography teacher at the time. Ken Browning was the person behind Eidersoft.

Title: QLART
Language: SuperBASIC
Author: Graham Kirk
Publisher: Eidersoft
Year of Publication: 1985
Platforms Suitable for: All Sinclair QLs and emulators
Commercial Status: Commercial
Price in February 1985: £14.95
Reviews: Unknown
Sources Available from: n/a
Latest Version available from: Unknown

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