QL Wanderer

Packaging for Sinclair QL Wanderer 3D Glasses for Sinclair QL Wanderer

QL Wanderer was a trading game for the Sinclair QL produced by the French software house Pyramide where you travel from planet to planet trying to collect five Aces, or 8,000 cats (the monetary unit in this system) in order to reach the all-powerful Sphinx which has kidnapped your Landlady's cat and taken it to the centre of the Galaxy.

The the game includes some novel concepts, including the fact that the graphics are drawn in Anaglyph 3D, requiring you to wear the blue and red lensed glasses; and the merger of a trading game, and an adventure with a poker-type card game.

According to the Sinclair QL Profile feature on Pyramide (October 1986) Pyramide had entered discussions with Sinclair Research regarding the possibility of bundling QL Wanderer with the QL as an outstanding representative of the QL handling of fast graphics, with initial order quantities to be around 10,000 units and if the early discussions in October 1985 had proved fruitul, it would have been placed in Dixon's QL package.

Unfortunately for Pyramide, this project was abandoned by Sinclair as other priorities developed.

https://youtu.be/1BJseViCgjM|Watch this video on You Tube

(You will need 3D glasses to watch this!)

Screenshot of Sinclair QL Wanderer by Pyramide Screenshot of Sinclair QL Wanderer by Pyramide
Title: QL Wanderer
Language: 68000 Machine Code
Author: Beatrice, Jean-Luc and Frederic Langlois
Publisher: Pyramide
Year of Publication: 1986
Reviews: Sinclair QL World May 1986, Sinclair User April 1986, ZX Computing Monthly May 1986, Your Sinclair Issue 7
Price as at May 1986: £19.95
Platforms Suitable for: Unknown
Commercial Status: Commercial
Sources Available from: Unknown
Manual available from: Download QL Wanderer Manual
Latest Version available from: RWAP Software website

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