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QL Touch 'n' Go is a typing tutor to get you used to touch typing on the Sinclair QL's keyboard, with exercises which can help you achieve 30 words per minute with 95% accuracy.

There are a series of tests which you can use to improve your skills (62 lessons in all). The tests are based on the Harcourt Keyboard Mastery Method which was designed by Stan Harcourt, who had taught typing for years using traditional methods based on 'hieroglyphic' drills. The Harcourt Keyboard Mastery Method was based on the early introduction of the most frequently used letters and the 1,000 most commonly used.

Oddly the initial screen says that the program is © 1985 Caxton Software Limited, although everywhere else, Harcourt Systems is mentioned with copyright dates of 1983 and 1984, so it is unclear as to the history of this software, although it appears that this was originally developed for disc based computers before the QL. The tutorial program is marked © S.V. Harcourt.

Screenshot of Sinclair QL QL Touch 'n' Go by Harcourt Systems
Title: QL Touch 'n' Go
Language: SuperBASIC
Author: Bob Harcourt and Stan V. Harcourt of Harcourt Systems
Publisher: Sinclair Research Ltd
Year of Publication: 1985
Platforms Suitable for: All Sinclair QLs and Compatibles
Commercial Status: Commercial
Price as at January 1985: £24.95
Reviewed: Sinclair User (October 1985), QL User (November 1985)
Sources Available from: Included
Latest Version available from: Unknown

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