QL Technical Guide

QL Technical Guide by David Karlin and Tony Tebby QL Technical Guide Leaflet by Sinclair

The QL Technical Guide was the official Sinclair Research Limited publication which set out details on how to write machine code software for the Sinclair QL to meet the Sinclair standards and interface to the QL's operating system, QDOS.

This sets out everything that a machine code programmer should know, including the memory map, exception processing, launching jobs, creating new procedures and functions for SuperBASIC, adding operating system extensions, device drivers, peripheral cards and the TRAPs and Vector calls necessary to interface to QDOS.

Sections are also included on doing business with Sinclair and how to get Sinclair to distribute your products as part of their catalogue.

The QL Technical Manual included information not published in other publications about QDOS, such as how to directly access the microdrive sectors in machine code (rather than using QDOS) and how the slave blocks work. This book was much sought after by QL enthusiasts, and was only later superceded by the enhanced QDOS and SMS Reference Manual.

Title: QL Technical Guide
Author: David Karlin & Tony Tebby
Publisher: Sinclair Research Ltd
Year of Publication: 1984
Commercial Status: Commercial
Price as at March 1985: £14.95
Reviews: Unknown
ISBN: 0-85016-036-8

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