QL SuperBASIC (The Definitive Handbook)

QL SuperBASIC (The Definitive Handbook) by Jan Jones
QL SuperBASIC (The Definitive Handbook) is an in-depth guide to programming the Sinclair QL home computer in SuperBASIC, written by the designer and author of Sinclair's QL SuperBASIC language.

It looks at SuperBASIC from every aspect, including an in-depth description of the parser and how arrays work, including graphics, sound, Procedures and functions and anything else you may wish to know about the inner workings of SuperBASIC.

QL SuperBASIC (The Definitive Handbook) by Jan Jones
The book was so successful, that the Sinclair QL user group, QUANTA later arranged at some cost, to have a second print of the book made - all copies were sold relatively quickly. Quanta obtained special permission for this print run from Jan Jones, who now owns the copyright to the material.

In 2014 (the QL's 30th anniversary year), Jan Jones re-typed and re-edited this book for use with e-readers - and it is available from Amazon

Much of the information has been incorporated within the SBASIC/SuperBASIC Reference Manual, although not quite so in-depth.

Title: QL SuperBASIC (The Definitive Handbook)
Author: Jan Jones
Publisher: McGraw-Hill, later re-printed by QUANTA
Year of Publication: 1985
Commercial Status: Commercial
ISBN: 0-27302-187-7

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