QL Service Manual

Sinclair QL Service Manual by Thorn (EMI) Datatech Ltd

The QL Service Manual is the official guide to fault diagnosis and repair of the Sinclair QL home computer.

It was first published in 1985 and went through at least 3 revisions and contains circuit diagrams, fault diagnosis, system test, parts list and disassembly/assembly instructions for the QL.

Unfortunately, it only contains diagrams and parts lists for the issue 5 and issue 6 motherboards.

A copy of the issue 3 version (November 1985) can be downloaded (as a rather large PDF) from The world of Spectrum

Title: QL Service Manual
Author: Thorn (EMI) Datatech Ltd
Publisher: Sinclair Research Ltd
Year of Publication: 1985
Commercial Status: Commercial
Price as at May 1985: Unknown
Reviews: Unknown
ISBN: Unknown

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