QL Sales Guide

Sinclair QL Sales Guide by Sinclair Research Ltd Sinclair QL Sales Guide by Sinclair Research Ltd

The QL Sales Guide was issued by Sinclair Research Ltd to retailers who stocked the Sinclair QL. It is an A5 loose leaf folder, containing the Psion Software (Quill, Archive, Easel and Abacus), together with an additional cartridge, QL Pathways.

The Sales Guide contains an overview of the QL's technical features, and a comparison of cost for a Sinclair QL with monitor (£698), against a BBC Microcomputer Model B (£1086) and an IBM PC (£2169).

It then goes through a series of scripts to demonstrate the Psion Software running on the QL, using files and documents stored on the QL Pathways cartridge.

Title: QL Sales Guide
Author: Sinclair Research Ltd
Publisher: Sinclair Research Ltd
Year of Publication: 1984
Commercial Status: Unknown
Price as at May 1985: n/a
Reviews: Unknown
ISBN: Unknown

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