QL Quill

QL Quill by Francesca Simon and Clare Spottiswoode of Blueprint
QL Quill is designed to provide an in-depth guide to the Psion word-processor program Quill which was bundled with the Sinclair QL home computer from launch and was one of the first word-processors to be entirely controlled by menus.

The book is an excellent, straightforward guide which covers each function with detailed, practical examples and sample exercises, aimed squarely at the beginner.

The book concerns the lives and loves of Nigel Wooten and Miranda Blake, as they try to come to grips with the business of getting married, and exercises are built around this, from composing a letter asking for Miranda's parents' blessing to the marriage.

Illustrations throughout are by the Sunday Times cartoonist, Derek Adler.

The book forms part of the Blueprint series of books, which provided an excellent reference guide to the Psion suite of programs supplied with the Sinclair QL.

Title: QL Quill
Author: Francesca Simon and Clare Spottiswoode of Blueprint
Publisher: Century Communications Limited
Year of Publication: 1984
Commercial Status: Commercial
Price as at December 1984: £7.95
Reviews: QL User (Dec '84)
ISBN: 0-71260-629-7

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