QL Handbook

QL Handbook by Tim Hartnell

QL Handbook by Tim Hartnell
This is a general guide to the Sinclair QL Home Computer's SuperBASIC programming language, looking at the fundamental components, and how to emulate Logo and Forth in SuperBASIC.

Title: QL Handbook
Author: Tim Hartnell
Publisher: Interface Publications
Year of Publication: Unknown
Commercial Status: Unknown
Cost as at March 1985: £7.95
Reviews: QL User (March 1985)
ISBN: 0-947695-19-2

The QL Handbook by P C Sturgess & M J Laverick
This was advertised in QL User (October 1984) as forthcoming in November. It promised to cover everything the QL owner needs to know from connecting up and switching on to the machine's advanced special features.

It is unknown if this was ever published.

Title: The QL Handbook
Author: P C Sturgess & M J Laverick
Publisher: Micro Press
Year of Publication: 1984(?)
Commercial Status: Commercial
Price as at November 1984: £6.95
Reviews: Unknown
ISBN: Unknown

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