QL Genealogist

QL Genealogist is a family tree program for the Sinclair QL, written by Chris Boutal (and later updated by Rich Mellor) to provide a comprehensive pointer driven means of collating family tree archives and creating a graphical family tree.

As well as the graphical representation, you can store details about each person, such as alternative spellings of names, parentage and children, details of events, such as births, deaths, marriages, baptisms and Wills. You can even link a text file or a picture with each person in the database.

Research dates can be listed as approximate, before, after or invalid (to highlight where the dates were wrongly recorded in an original register).

The program was designed to ensure you do not waste valuable research time in learning how to use a new program in order to enter your data. In fact, you are asked to enter the information in pretty much the form that you find it - for example, birth certificates. The program then tries to match up the information which you have found against the people already in your family tree, asking you to verify whether each person is a match, a possible match or definitely not a match.

There are many other features which should meet the needs of all historians, and with a well written manual (including tutorial).

This program (including its sources) was released as freeware as part of the RWAP Software 30th Anniversary celebrations in November 2016

Chris went on to develop a Windows based program, Genealogy Research System (formerly Genealogy for Windows) under the Deltadrive brand - see more details about the Genealogy Research System.

Screenshot of Sinclair QL Genealogist Family Tree Program
Title: QL Genealogist
Language: SuperBASIC compiled with QLiberator
Author: Chris Boutal & Rich Mellor
Publisher: Dilwyn Jones Computing and RWAP Software
Platforms Suitable for: All Sinclair QLs and emulators with min 1920K
Commercial Status: Freeware
Sources Available from: Download QL Genealogist including Sources or Access Latest QL Genealogist Sources on Github
Latest Version available from: Sinclair QL Homepage

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