QL Gamesmaster

QL Gamesmaster by Kay Ewbank, Mike James and S M Gee

QL Gamesmaster contains just 7 full program listings for Sinclair QL games written in SuperBASIC. It breaks each game down into useful routines which you can utilise in your own programs, teaching you how to use the techniques implemented and how to address the various problems which have to be tackled when programming games.

All of the programs incorporate animated graphics and a series of type-in modules which are later strung together to form more complex programs.

Title: QL Gamesmaster
Author: Kay Ewbank, Mike James and S M Gee
Publisher: Collins
Year of Publication: 1985
Commercial Status: Commercial
Cost as at May 1985: £7.95
Reviews: QL User (April 1985), QLUB Issue 5
ISBN: 0-00-383066-7

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