QL Games Compendium

QL Games Compendium by Tim Hartnell 24 Jogos para o Sinclair QL by Tim Hartnell
This is a collection of 23 games listings for you to type into your Sinclair QL, listed under adventure, artificial intelligence, board games, deduction and perception.

Games included: Eliza (made the QL into a psychiatrist), Qthello, Magician's Maze (adventure), Detective Q (solve the murder), Stockbroker, QL Racer (real-time moving graphics) and Tryst with Mephistopheles (20K of adventure).

The book is marred by the pages taken up by the glossary of computer terms at the back of the book!

This was also released in Portugal under the title 24 Jogos para o Sinclair QL

Title: QL Games Compendium
Author: Tim Hartnell
Publisher: Interface Publications
Year of Publication: 1984
Price as at December 1984: £5.95
Reviews: QL User (Feb '85)
ISBN: 0-947695-04-4

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