QL EPROM Expansion Card

The QL EPROM Expansion Card was designed by Micro Electronics Limited and allowed you to store programs and toolkits in up to 8 EPROMs on the card.

This unit plugged into the QL's expansion port and included the following advertised features:

  • Up to 256K of EPROM storage
  • 8 EPROM sockets
  • No external power require
  • Each socket selectable for 128Kb or 256Kb EPROMs
  • One socket selectable as the QL 'plug-in' ROM space
  • Instructions available on booting and executing software from EPROM
  • 9 Bit digital Darlington Driver Output Port

Title: QL EPROM Expansion Card
Interface Type: Multi EPROM Interface
Connection: Sinclair QL Expansion Port
Through-Connector: NO
Manufacturer: Micro Electronics Limited
Year First Sold: 1986
Original Price: £69.95
Download Manual: Unknown

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