QL Assembly Language Programming

QL Assembly Language Programming by Colin Opie
QL Assembly Language Programming is an advanced technical guide to 68000 assembly language and QDOS.

The book was written by Colin Opie with the assistance of Tony Tebby and is intended for use with McGraw-Hill's 68000 assembler / editor package, which was sold separately for £29.95

The book covers the 68000 processor itself, with its instructions and addressing modes, QDOS calls and has a number of chapters full of example programs.

McGraw-Hill's 68000 editor is written in SuperBASIC. Its line management works with an array. To add and/or delete lines, the editor uses a resident extension


containing two resident procedures


written by Tony Tebby, which is used to insert ("MAKE_ROOM") or delete ("TAKE_ROOM") a line within the array "on the fly" without losing content. This extension seems to be the first one used for such purposes, written in 1984.

ROOM_BIN was later used by Tony Tebby's own "inhouse" editor "sedit", and "sedit" (which seems to be the prototype for the McGraw-Hill editor) was much later rewritten by Ralf Reköndt with new resident heap extensions and released as "S_Edit", marketed by Dilwyn Jones, now freeware.

Title: QL Assembly Language Programming
Author: Colin Opie
Publisher: McGraw-Hill
Year of Publication: 1984
Commercial Status: Unknown
Price as at February 1985: £12.95
Reviews: QL User (Feb '85)
ISBN: 0-07084-777-0

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