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QL Advanced User Guide

QL Advanced User Guide by Adrian Dickens QL: Guida Advanzata by  Adrian Dickens

The QL Advanced User Guide is a helpful reference book on how to write 68008 assembly language programs for the Sinclair QL and using the in-built Sinclair QL ROM routines.

A complete guide, it covers multi-tasking, transient programs, resident procedures, heaps and stacks.

It provides details of all of the built-in TRAPs and Vectors which can be called to make machine code programming easier.

The book also included a QDOS experimenter program to allow many facilities to be tried out from SuperBASIC.

All programs contained in the book were also available on microdrive cartridge separately for £11.95. The Adder Assembler was also available for £34.95

This was also released in Italy under the title QL: Guida Advanzata

Title: QL Advanced User Guide
Author: Adrian Dickens in collaboration with Tony Tebby
Publisher: Adder Publishing Limited
Year of Publication: 1984
Commercial Status: Commercial
Price as at December 1984: £14.45
Reviews: Sinclair User (January 1985), QL User (July 1985)
ISBN: 0-94792-900-2

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