Packaging for Sinclair QL QIMI Mouse Interface by QJump
QIMI stands for QL Internal Mouse Interface, the original QJump pointer interface mouse system for the QL. It is fitted onto the main QL motherboard, with no soldering required. QIMI is automatically recognised by the pointer interface, so the mouse can be used with any pointer driven software.

Installation involved removing one of the Sinclair ROM chips (the upper address one labelled 8000) and the ZX8302 and fitting those to the QIMI board.

The QIMI interface could also be supplied with battery backup for the QL's real time clock, which QJump claimed had the added benefit of suppressing the glitches which reset the clock on power-up, and proved to be up to 50 times more reliable than simple battery backup systems.

The QIMI worked only with a BUS mouse - such as that supplied with Atari systems.

The QIMI interface was later supplied by Quanta.

QIMI Mouse Interface with bus mouse QIMI (with battery) QIMI Mouse Interface with bus mouse

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