Q-emuLator is currently one of the most popular Sinclair QL hardware emulators, it was created and is maintained by Daniele Terdina. It runs as an application in Microsoft Windows or Apple Mac OS environments.

The basic version is shareware and completely free to use. It features:

  • Emulation of a standard, unexpanded QL (no faster modes)
  • Access to Windows/Mac directories
  • Access to a real floppy drive (if fitted - note that many USB floppy drives are not compatible)

Q-emuLator can be registered for a fee of US$35.00 (in mid 2020) which unlocks more advanced features, including:

  • Faster CPU emulation
  • Basic support for sub-directories
  • Direct access to attached QXL.WIN container files
  • Direct access to QL ZIP and qlpak files
  • Improved video modes
  • TCP/IP drivers

Further info and links to download can be found on the Q-emuLator website.

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