QDT is an unashamedly ambitious project designed to fully utilise the advances in modern QL compatible systems. QDT (which stands for QL DeskTop) makes full use of high colour graphics. It is a folder/icon based desktop environment, similar in principle and appearance to those on other operating systems. It supports drag and drop of objects, file associations, configuration notebook and makes full use of the SMSQ/E operating system and multi-tasking.

An IconDraw utility allows a user to draw or modify icons and allows a user to import icons from different systems

A Job Manager lists running and sleeping jobs. Filters can limit visible jobs. The Job Manager allows job manipulation

A Theme Manager allows designing of a desktop and folder color and background theme and allows users to import and share their theme designs.

The Installer automatically installs the QDT program, can setup a minimal or expanded desktop automatically and includes object (program) search and setup

QDT is too big a project to describe in brief here - for more information and sample screen dumps visit the author's website at http://www.jdh-stech.com

About the only limitation I can think of is that QDT does not run on older systems or on 4 colour displays. But then, QDT is designed to be used on high colour systems to make maximum use of the resources available to us on modern QL compatible systems.

The latest version can be found on The Distribution, see DVDs.

https://youtu.be/pa439xg0i6g|Watch this video on You Tube https://youtu.be/sOLcQCpvUXk|Watch this video on You Tube https://youtu.be/tT7tPSDCkyM|Watch this video on You Tube https://youtu.be/BbtC-x1A6tI|Watch this video on You Tube https://youtu.be/l6mxyj19XSg|Watch this video on You Tube

QDT v1.10r installed on QL/E v3.10
Title: QDT
Language: C
Author: Jim Hunkins
Publisher: JDH Software Technologies
Year of Publication: 200x
Reviews: QL Today Magazine
Price as at publication:
Platforms Suitable for: QL compatible Systems under SMSQ/E v3.07 or higher
Commercial Status: Freeware

Sources Available from: DVDs
Latest Version available from: DVDs

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